Smart IPTV Activation

Smart TVs and supported devices can be activated after a one-time fee of 5.49 EUR for each TV/device.

To avoid activation delays, there is no need to wait until the trial version expires if everything is working fine for you. Use the panel below to activate your TV/device instantly, in automatic mode. After trial expiration, your playlist will be removed (lost) from TV/device as well as from the server.

Very important! Please DO NOT pay if you don't have any channels to use with the application (no channels are provided with activation payment) or if something is not working for you, because the payment won't solve any of these problems. And you will not be refunded if you do.

NO CHANNELS are provided with activation, you have to add your own. No information will be provided, where you can get a working playlist for your needs. Please don't ask about channels even if you activate your device.

Your MAC:

You can use your card with PayPal. You don’t need PayPal account to pay with your card.

Note: If you use a stolen card, your TV will be banned and its IP address reported.

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List of manual payment options:

BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC Provided by E-mail or Coinbase
Yandex.Деньги 410011637334276
Webmoney Z244339640115 / Exchange rate

In case of manual payment, your TV MAC address (please check it inside the app or the app's settings) will need to be provided to together with payment confirmation ID. You can also leave your TV MAC address in the Comments section of the payment form. Since manual activation process is not automatic, please be patient to receive confirmation response by e-mail.